Carbon Fiber Testing - EddyCus® CF BW series

Basis Weight Measurement

  • +  Inline monitoring & offline mapping capability
  • +  Without contact
  • +  At high local resolution
  • +  Monitoring via network
  • +  Time stamp & trigger controlled
  • +  Instant results

Carbon Fiber Testing

The EddyCus® CF inline BW as well as the EddyCus® CF map 4040BW are especially designed for non-contact monitoring local basis weight variations of carbon fiber fabrics. By using the EddyCus® CF inline BW, several lanes can be controlled. Consequently, the entire web of carbon non-wovens or UD tapes can be monitored during the production process. The EddyCus® CF map 4040BW scans carbon fiber fabrics with a local resolution of 1x1 mm² to display the uniformity of carbon fiber volume (basis weight map). Preforms can also be mapped regarding local grammage deviations. In sum, the EddyCus® systems can provide interesting insights on intermediate and recycled carbon fiber products.


  • Carbon fiber fleece
  • Carbon fiber prepreg & organic sheets
  • Recycled short or chopped carbon fibers
  • Carbon fiber UD tapes
  • Other technical non-wovens

Software & Handling

The EddyCus® CF control provides modules for data depiction, data storage, and data review. The system is connected to an industrial computer or MES via Ethernet, RS 232, or RS 485 connection for data exchange.
  • Real-time depiction of basis weight
  • Integration of panel to depict measurement values at any location
  • Direct communication via TCP/IP to MES or via software
Basis Weight Measurement Software

Testing Devices

EddyCus® CF inline BW

EddyCus® inline BW measures carbon fiber basis weight or carbon fiber volume and can be used for the quality assurance and monitoring process of carbon fiber materials in ex-/in-vacuo industrial production lines.

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Testing Device Carbon Fiber Grammage
Testing Device Carbon Fiber Grammage

EddyCus® CF map 4040BW

EddyCus® map 4040BW is especially designed for non-contact measurement of local basis weight in carbon fabrics. Process engineers can use this BW map to evaluate samples such as spread UD tapes, non-woven fleece, chopped carbon fiber composites, and organic sheets.

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Performance & Setup

EddyCus® CF inline BW
Sample rate 1 – 500 samples/sec/lane
Measurement / Scanning area 1 – 99 sensors across entire web width
Fluttering tolerance ± 1 mm (higher on request)
Interface e.g. ethernet, profibus
Required space Small (approx. 300 mm in production line)
Mode Process control, quality report
Carbon fiber materials CF-non-wovens, CF-fleece, CF UD-tapes, CF non-crimp fabrics (NCF), flat CF preforms, conductive coatings
EddyCus® CF map 4040BW
Measurement Uniformity of basis weight, CF density, CF volume fraction
Scan area 400 x 400 mm²
Min. pitch 1 mm
Speed 400 mm/sec (full scan: X min)
Add-ons Camera for positioning, distance sensor for thickness
Device dimensions (w/h/d) 700 x 1,070 x 1,100 mm