Carbon Fiber Testing - EddyCus® CF map series

Textural Analysis

  • +  Contact-free or slight contact
  • +  Real-time display of results
  • +  Defect detection
  • +  Suitable for dry multi-axial fabrics or preforms
  • +  Tools for advanced data processing

Carbon Fiber Testing

The EddyCus® CF map series is especially designed for revealing the inner texture of multiaxial carbon fiber materials. The novel non-destructive testing system utilizes the electrical conductivity of the carbon fibers to gain structural information such as fiber orientation and fiber distribution. The high resolution EC-scans also allows uniformity of carbon non-wovens. Textural analysis is feasible for the following carbon fiber materials:
  • Multi-axial-fabrics (NCF)
  • Preforms with or without binder
  • Prepregs and organic sheets
  • Recycled carbon fibers
  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP)


  • Automotive industry
  • Aircraft industry
  • Energy sector (pipes and tanks)

Structural Analysis

  • Fiber orientation of individual plies
  • Roving spacing & distribution

Mapping Uniformity

  • Mapping the carbon fiber volume of non-woven carbon fiber such as fleece, short, or chopped carbon fibers from e.g. recycling processes
EC-Scan Textural Analysis

Carbon fiber tri-axial fabric 200x200 mm². EC – scan (above) contain various information which can be separated into the individual layers.

EC-Scan Mapping Uniformity

Uniformity mapping is relevant for random structured carbon based materials. Here, accumulation of carbon fibers are shown darker. The EC-scan (above figure) shows small inhomogenities at the carbon fleece. A carbon fiber SMC is depicted (bottom figure).

EC-Scan Textural Analysis
EC-Scan Mapping Uniformity

Testing Devices

EddyCus® CF map 4040

EddyCus® map 4040 is a desktop system that maps carbon fiber textiles and composites regarding defects in the inner layers. It suits the needs of R&D labs at universities or companies. Flat and slightly curved specimen can be investigated up to an area of 400x400 mm².

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Carbon Fiber Texture
CF map 6060

EddyCus®CF map 6060

EddyCus® map 6060 is an industrial testing stand designed for quick offline test at critical locations (ROI) of parts or preforms. It conducts high resolution scans for quality control of carbon fiber materials. Particularly, small to medium-sized parts of less-complex shape may be analyzed for defects in the carbon fiber texture.

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Performance & Setup

EddyCus® CF map 4040 EddyCus® CF map 6060
Application Texture and defect detection of carbon fiber fabrics, preforms, and composites
Scan area 400 x 400 x 150 mm³ 600 x 600 x 300 mm³
Speed 100 - 300 mm/sec 200 - 400 mm/sec
Min. pitch 0.025 mm
Mode Contanct and non-contact
Optional add-ons Camera, distance sensor
User R&D centers & laboratories At-line industrial production